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PODS Events Sponsorship

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  1. Positive outlook. Promoting a positive outlook for future generations as well an association with Simon Fraser and Capilano Universities.

  2. Brand awareness. Association with the PODS brand and your own brand on all of our advertising materials (including mail-outs, posters, print ads and social media).

  3. Reaching a wider audience. PODS has over 4000 followers on Facebook, over 2000 subscribers on our mailing list, and a following on Instagram and Twitter.

  4. Enhanced customer experience. Support a positive cause for the sake of future generations. With the advent of climate change, the timing could not be more important!

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We are looking for help to cover the costs of our new and revitalized Mushroom and Seaweed Festival, November 1-3 in Madeira Park.

We have two fabulous speakers lined up followed by an expert panel discussion at the Music School in Madeira Park. We are proud to be presenting Willoughby Arevalo - author of DIY Mushroom Cultivation, and Adam Butcher CEO of Seaflora on Vancouver Island.

The event will include exhibits, quizzes vendor tables, food tastings and cooking demos, as well as some live music and the launch of our 2019 PODS Pier Party Raffle. All day Saturday and Sunday we will also be hosting the 14th Annual Lagoon Society BioBlitz!

We expect hundreds (if not thousands) of attendees for this fun weekend. This is a chance for everyone to get to know their local wilderness and to find out more about all the amazing plants and animals that make this place their home with us.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at the Lagoon Society and thank you for Supporting PODS!