Professor Hans Schreier
Emeritus Professor, Land & Water Systems at UBC

"You have probably one of the most spectacular water environments anywhere, near a very big city, and I think this would be a fabulous opportunity because you can engage the students to actually use the outdoors at the laboratory which is very rare to do becaue if you want to do it on Vancouver Island it's going to take a huge amount of resources just to get to the area and back."

Arne Mooers
PROFESSOR of biodiversity at sfu

"The Sunshine Coast is very rich in biodiversity because of the habitats, especially the marine side and the inshore side so there is lots that you can do there."

Dr. Andrew Day | Vice-President
Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

"PODS is made up of a lot of very energetic, passionate, committed people, who love the marine environment."

Dr. Dolph Schluter
Canadian Research Chair, UBC

"I actually think that stickleback will serve a model for understanding a project that we call Evolutionary Rescue. Basically how adaption occurs in the face of environmental change."

dr. Isabelle M. Côté
professor of Marine Ecology at Simon Fraser University

Previously, Dr. Côté was a faculty member at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. She has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles on behavioural ecology, coral reef ecology, and conservation.