To develop long-term monitoring of temporal and spatial changes in the aquatic ecosystems of the fresh and marine waters of Pender Harbour and the Sunshine Coast region so that we will be able to make better-informed decisions about the management and protection of our valuable natural resources. 

To unite with other groups along the BC Coast through organizations such as the Coastal Ocean Research Institute (CORI), the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) and the Pacific Water Research Centre (PWRC) at SFU. PODS will work with researchers from all these affiliated groups as well as the local community to implement important research that desperately needs to be conducted in our region.

To create a network of collaborative, spatial and temporal monitoring programs along different stretches of the BC coastline, using the same scientific protocols and methodologies, which will allow for robust statistical analysis and direct comparison between and within different regions.  

To continue the Lagoon Society’s work of collating data from as many sources as possible in order to create the Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Database, where we will also store all the information collected in our monitoring studies through activities such as the annual BioBlitz.



To develop and deliver effective marine and freshwater biodiversity education and awareness programs, targeting all segments of the community in partnership with existing schools, colleges and other groups along the Sunshine Coast.

To establish the Jim Rossi School of Diving in memory of our Society Chair, who tragically passed away in 2016. PODS will actively support the training of divers of all ages in the study of marine biology, as well as encourage them to become qualified trainers themselves.



To support and strengthen the year-round economic viability of our community, and to increase economic incentives for good practices that support the protection of biodiversity in our coastal waters.



To use partnerships, mentoring programs and demonstration projects to deliver outreach, build community capacity, and enable residents to become increasingly engaged in protecting our coastal waters for generations to come.

To establish a PODS Nature Tour Program which will include land-based and water-based natural history, recreational, cultural and educational day-trips for residents and visitors of all ages, which will be coordinated with other attractions, restaurants and hotels in the local region.

To move ahead with the ‘Make a Date with Nature’ website and database in order to encourage more volunteers to get involved with work parties, events and other activities to help us to make PODS a reality.

To offer regular updates on social media about our progress with PODS, and to continually seek community input throughout the different phases of the PODS enterprise on an ongoing basis.

To expand the economic base of the area by providing substantial new employment opportunities for local contractors and skilled workers, as well as significant potential opportunities for local businesses, services and suppliers during the building phase of PODS, with the promise of long term full-time and part-time opportunities at PODS for years to come.

To continue to nurture and enjoy a respectful, enlightened, and understanding relationship with the First Nations people, and to consult throughout all of the different phases of the PODS project, always striving to reach mutual agreement and acceptance about our common knowledge, values, culture and practices.


To maintain and develop social and economic incentives that encourage and support the conservation of coastal biodiversity.

To seek agreement with the local community and government, based on sound ecological principles, to identify potential protected areas in and around our coastal waters.

To protect, restore, and enhance aquatic habitats and species-at-risk, in order to mitigate threats to biodiversity through stewardship, enhancement and restoration activities and the creation of protected areas. 


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