We have staff and contractors with expertise in marine and freshwater biology, all levels of environmental education, mentoring, management, event production, design, project management and legal matters. 

The Lagoon Society has established an extensive network of scientists, biologists, naturalists and experts across Canada. Over the past 14 years we have hosted two major Summits, The Water Summit in 2006 and The Biodiversity Summit in 2012, and held hundreds of science workshops, festivals, BioBlitzes, conferences and symposia.


Dr. Michael Jackson, Executive Director

Michael Jackson was born in Chalfont-St-Giles in Buckinghamshire, England and was fascinated by natural history from a very early age.  As a young boy he helped look after his aunt’s farm in Nottinghamshire and used to milk the herd of 60 Guernsey cattle by him-self every morning when he was only eight years old.  He has always loved animals, kept his own chickens and was the youngest ever subscriber to Farmer’s Weekly in the UK. His first job was working in a pet store looking after the parrots and the tropical fish.  He has kept a tropical aquarium ever since.  Michael has also been a keen ornithologist since his early teens and has visited wetlands all over the world in search of exotic wildlife. He has kept records of his sightings for over fifty years and he has over 2,000 checklists on eBird recorded just from his study window at his home in Garden Bay over the past twelve years....READ MORE

Jeremiah Deutscher, Deutscher architecture holistic design

Deutscher Architecture specializes in planning, design, visualization and construction of built forms. Jeremiah is the project architect and team lead for PODS. He has experience in the design and construction of large commercial and residential tenant buildings, and institutional facilities such as schools and lab buildings. He has worked on award winning projects such as the Earth Sciences Building, and recently Jeremiah received recognition for his role in the design of the Pitt River Middle School in Port Coquitlam, which received the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Merit Award from the Architectural Institute of BC. Jeremiah really enjoys working on creative projects and creating symbiotic relationships among buildings, their environs and their purposes.


Lee-Ann Ennis, Educational Program Director

Lee-Ann has delivered aquatic education to schools throughout Western Canada with the Vancouver Aquarium's mobile AquaVan. She gained valuable experience with the Young Biologists Club and young Aquanauts club. With this hands-on experience and passion for aquatic education, Lee-Ann followed her path and worked as a Naturalist with BC Parks. She hosted Gerry's Rangers and intertidal beach walks at Porpoise Bay, and Sargeant's Bay Provincial Parks. Lee-Ann arrived at the Iris Griffith Centre as it was under completion, started the Lagoonies club and has delivered the successful Nature School Program for over 10 years. Lee-Ann lives in rural Halfmoon Bay, organizes beach cleanups, loves habitat restoration projects and explores the coast by sailboat with her family.

Pye Design-6.jpg

Amy Pye, Pye Design

Amy is the owner and principal of Pye Design, an international award winning agency that provides everything from advertising and design, to internet marketing and public relations. Based on Vancouver Island, Amy has received numerous awards for her design, including logos, websites, and various marketing materials. She has worked with the Lagoon Society for many years and is the genius behind the Lagoon Society branding and site as well as this PODS site, logo and branding. Amy also coordinates our communications and social media, ensuring that the message of PODS is spread effectively to all those who would like to be involved and that can benefit from having PODS in our community.

Nicolas Teichrob, Dendrite Studio

Nicolas is co-founder of Dendrite Film Studios, a multi-award winning production studio focusing on outdoor adventure whose recent project, STAND film, has toured the globe, is featured on Netflix, and continues to pick up international film festival awards in areas of cinematography, conservation, wildlife and culture, and adventure. Holding a Master of Science degree in Geography/Geology, his vision is drawn to the natural processes that occur all around us on varying timescales. Nicolas directed and produced the PODS Launch film, which is featured on this site.

Mark Porter, National Practice Lead, Building Services, Associated Engineering

Mark is a Senior Engineer leading a team of Structural, Mechanical & Electrical engineers across Associated Engineering. Sustainability has been a core part of his work since 1998. Mark is a member of the APEGBC Sustainability Committee and the IStructE Sustainable Construction Panel. In 2012 he was appointed Chair of the inaugural Climate Change Advisory Group to the APEGBC Council. He enjoys working with wood as part of the structural engineer’s toolbox and, in 2011 Associated Engineering were appointed to the Owners Technical Team for the Wood Innovation Design Centre and in 2014 he was appointed to the Wood Use Panel for the Forestry Innovation Investment Group. Mark, Associated Engineering as well as PCL Engineering have graciously volunteered their services to date to assist in our land acquisition and investigation activities.

Rachel Forbes, Principal and Legal Eagle, Sharp Six

PODS also engages several other part time contractors to assist with research, coordination, fundraising and events. These include Joanne Sankew, Dale Jackson, Shannon Reid, Rowan McEwan, Evan Guiton.