Our vision is to give our community the tools and expertise to develop collaborative strategies to monitor, conserve, protect and enhance biodiversity in our region.

Encouraging informed decision-making to find eloquent solutions to the challenging ecological questions of our time, especially concerning climate change.  

To provide opportunities for youth to experience and explore their connection to the aquatic world. 

To provide year-round economic stimulus for our unique coastal community.

our mission

Welcoming residents, students and visitors of all ages from around the world to an iconic learning and gathering space called PODS (Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station). The PODS enterprise will feature spectacular aquaria and state-of-the-art marine and freshwater research and monitoring facilities.

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— Dr. Michael Jackson, President


A Spiritual, Cultural, Scientific, Enlightening and Creative Environment

Opportunities to Interact Intimately with Ocean and Freshwater Animals and Plants

Partnerships with University Research Projects involving Scientific Exploration

Local Accommodation and Transport Vacation Packages to Boost the Local Economy

Full AV and Cinematic Entertainment Facilities to Enrich Experiences for All Ages

Two Outdoor Children's Amphitheatre Classrooms to Inspire Young Naturalists


A Centre of Excellence with Major University Affiliation in the Heart of Pender Harbour

A Reason for Young Families to Set Up Home in Pender Harbour

A Reason for High School Graduates to Stay in Pender Harbour

A Place that Inspires Young Students to Pursue The Natural Sciences

An Iconic State-of-the-Art, Net-Zero Energy Facility on the Sunshine Coast

A Beautiful Meeting Place for Entertaining Yourselves and Your Guests 

An Online PODS Portal to Make Booking Events and Visits a One-Stop Hassle-Free Pleasure

Price Reductions for Seniors, Children and Student Groups

Membership Concessions for All Those who Sign Up

The Value of Professional Scientists and Performing Artists Working Here for Our Benefit