Trust for Sustainable Living Conference

What a tremendous pleasure it has been to be invited to Government House by Her Honour Jane Austin to join in with the Trust For Sustainable Living Conference that was held in Victoria last week and to meet the dozens of young contributors from all over the world. It was a great honour to be asked to be one of the judges for the Secondary School Debate between nearly fifty participants from all as far afield as Serbia, South Africa, the Lebanon and Iran who had submitted essays to TSL to compete for a place at the table.

It was unbelievably uplifting to see these amazingly energetic and courageous youngsters come together in teams so effortlessly to argue the case for and against the motion that ‘Youth empowerment is the most important way to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SFG) #15 targets by 2030.’

The judges really had to concentrate very hard to choose the top team and individuals! When you are confronted with a room full of Greta Thunbergs I can tell you that its a pretty daunting challenge!!!

We’d like to thank all the people who helped to organize this amazing conference and to wish all the participants all the very best in the future. We owe it to the youth of today to start acting against climate change before it is too late and there’s no better time than right now! As one amazing youngster said in his closing statement - ‘If you agree stand up now!!’