Diver's BioBlitz

Ocean Quest Divers were in town last weekend, completing their Master Diver Program, and helping us with our Citizen Science Project Bioblitz. Staying at local resorts, and contributing to the local winter economy, these divers absolutely love diving Pender Harbour, and enjoyed a  Saturday dive at Martin's Cove, Francis Peninsula, and a Sunday dive at Crosstree lane, Irvine's Landing. Each diver was interviewed after their dive, and a 6 page species list was compiled. Special thanks to our local divers Sam and Vince who shared local knowledge and support.

Highlights include Opalescent squid egg pouches! Copper Rockfish, Lingcod, Decorated warbonnets, Giant nudibranchs, Giant chitons, Swimming scallops, and Crimson anemones. Divers commented on the amazing amount of biodiversity around Pender Harbour and the clarity of the water being excellent.

Merry Christmas everyone!