oversea STudents


Joana Carvalho

Joana Carvalho recently completed her degree in biology at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Following her studies Joana has joined us for field work and experience, fulfilling a life long dream to visit Canada and maybe see a bear! While on the Sunshine Coast, Joana is participating in our PH Coastal Waters Monitoring Program. Joana has a
keen interest in marine biology, wildlife and ecology. Joana has her eyes set on a Masters Program in Ecology and Environmental Management.



Erika Evasiuk

Erika is in her third year at the University of Victoria in the combined Biology and Earth and Ocean Science program. She is passionate about art, insects, animals, chemistry, and cultures around the world. Erika has roots in Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas and has spent many summers enjoying the sunshine coast with her family. She is a lover of horseback riding, scuba diving, and kayaking.  She hopes to soak in as much information as she can while she’s at the Iris Griffith Centre this summer in order to be a great advocate of nature and science.